Product Promise

Jordan Essentials blends some of the earth's healthiest ingredients into our products
and leaves the toxins out.

Ingredients like Magnesium, Lavender, Peppermint Oil, and more, infuse naturally based non toxic product that work and you can feel good about sharing with your family.

Our "Happy & Healthy" List

Discover the healthy, natural ingredients we love blending into our products for you and your family.

Because your skin absorbs anything and everything you put on it, you want to be picky, very picky, about the products you and your family use. That's why Jordan Essentials leaves toxins out and adds so much goodness in!

It's your skin, your life, and you deserve to nurture yourself with Made-In-The-USA natural products that enhance your health. Here's just a short list of the good-for-you ingredients you can find in Jordan Essentials products:

Our "Never-Ever" List

The toxins that made our naughty list
ingredients you'll never-ever find in Jordan Essentials.

We believe you and your family deserve healthy skin and a healthy life
that's why we're firmly committed to bringing you nontoxic, natural products.

Here's why: Your skin is not only an organ, but also the largest organ in your body. It protects your body's more sensitive organs, immune system, and nervous system.

Sadly, the FDA poorly regulates the skincare and beauty product industry, and many of the chemicals commonly used to preserve your products can also harm your skin. That's why we'll NEVER-EVER include these:


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